Tuesday, 24 July 2012


  1. I would like to tell every one about the new development of latest technology about the war weapon develop by software and computer technology providers. It is believed that Microsoft involved directly in this top secret program. As published earlier, the program is already implemented silently on the targeted enemy or country that US cannot conquer through a real war. The program is developed under High Security and classified as National Top Secret Defence Program. This high technology weapon is prepared to be used in the next world war. This is the smartest weapon in the world because they can conquer the world without having to destroy anything on earth....hard to understand...hard to believe.....hard to make sense....don't wait
    Until one of us being a victim to turn the HARD to Really True.

  2. About two years ago, I have developed a software for the computer use. Unfortunately it was hacked and rob by a hackers group believed to have a connection with Microsoft Coorperation. Then they started to drive me crazy with all their technology and really make me lost my mind at one time. Until one day when I realized everything that I have was hacked by them and that is why they have detail information about my daily activities...No one believed me at that time accept one of my closed friend. We started to do some research and monitor every angle especially on computer based technology....If you want to know more, please read my article before....This Microsoft people is really a shit...don't dream that your name will be stated in world history...